17 Tournants de Chevreuse, an iconic drive south of Paris

17 Turns of Chevreuse is a legendary motorcycle ride located in the Yvelines department in the Île-de-France, in the south suburb of Paris, in north-central France.

17 Tournants de Chevreuse

Located in the town of Saint-Forget, within the Chevreuse valley, it is one of the most famous roads for motorcycles in France. The drive, also known as Route des 17 Tournants, is part of the departmental road D91. This section is 2.1 km long and the frequency of turns over this short distance gives its spectacular aspect. The road was repaved on 2018.

This route has acquired a certain reputation in the cycling world because it’s often featured in the Tour de France race. This stretch of road is commonly known as the 17 turning hill, since cyclists must climb it. Starting from D58 road, the ascent is 2.1km long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 68 meters. The average gradient is 3.23% with a maximum slope of 9%.
Road suggested by: Alain Boy-Marcotte