The historical King's Road is one of the best drives in Finland

Located on southern Finland, the historical King's Road is truly a very rewarding drive.

The King's Road

Where does the King's Road start and end?

The road is an old merchant route dating back to the 14th century, running from Bergen in Norway all the way to Vyborg and St. Petersburg in Russia, passing through Oslo and Stockholm. It was, in the past, a historical route taken by kings, bishops and notables between the old northern capitals.

How long is the King's Road?

Today, the road (known as Kungsvägen in Swedish and Kuninkaantie in Finnish) runs via coastal areas of Southern Finland from Turku to Vaalimaa and it’s one of the top travel routes in Scandinavia. The road is 400 km (about 250 miles) long. It’s totally paved but curvy with nice views. Best of all, it is truly a very rewarding drive.

How long does it take to drive the King's Road?

To complete the drive plan 2-3 days with stops. Along the road you’ll find an uncounted number of old buildings and sighs. Bordered by many historical monuments, this route is recommended to anyone who enjoys driving and history. Beautiful country scenery, manor houses, castles and farms are connected by a twisting road that embraces every hill and valley.
Pic: Av Bengt Oberger - Eget arbete, CC BY-SA 4.0,