Driving the breathtaking road from Trøllanes to Syðradalur

The Trøllanes-Syðradalur Road is a very scenic and lonely drive in the heart of Kalsoy island, in the north-east of the Faroe Islands.

Trøllanes-Syðradalur Road

The road is totally paved, running on the eastern coast of the island. It’s 17.1km (10.62 miles) long, running from Trøllanes, a small town on the northern part of the island in the municipality of Klaksvík to Syðradalur, the southernmost village on the island, in Húsar Municipality. It is rarely used by vehicles since the population of Trøllanes is only 20. The area was used as a filming location for the 25th James Bond movie No Time to Die.

Expect fog and rain often. Along the way you’ll have to travel through 4 unlit tunnels. The tunnels are narrow, cold and damp:
Villingadalstunnilin 1195m
Ritudalstunnilin 685m
Mikladalstunnilin 1.085m
Trollanestunnilin 2.250m