Eiði-Funningur road

Eiði-Funningur Road

Short mountain road with a total length of 12,4km, between Eiði and Funningur, in Faroe Islands, going near the Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the islands, at an elevation of 880m (2,887ft) above the sea level.

The road is totally asphalted and starts in Eiði, a large village located on the north-west tip of Eysturoy. After 20 minutes driving, the road arrives to Funningur, a town located on the north-west coast of Eysturoy.

The road zigzags near Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands, at an altitude of 880 metres, located in the northern part of Eysturoy, between the villages of Eiði, Gjógv, and Funningur. Chains or snow tyres can be required anytime.