Eysturoyartunnilin, the longest sub-sea tunnel on the Faroe Islands

Located in the Faroe Islands, the Eysturoyartunnilin is a tunnel that passes just below the ocean floor and links the Faroese capital Tórshavn to two points on the island of Eysturoy.


The tunnel, also known as Eysturoy Tunnel, is totally paved. It’s 11,238 m (36,870 ft) long, with 2 lanes. Its highest elevation is 21.6 m (71 ft) above the sea level, and the lowest elevation is −189.0 m (−620.1 ft).

The drilling work began in February 2017 and the tunnel opened for traffic in December 2020. The tunnel boasts the Atlantic Ocean’s first and only sub-sea roundabout. The work is a work of art. An artist from the Faroe Islands, Trondur Patursson, made a work 80 meters high right in the middle.
Pic&more info: https://www.estunlar.fo/en/about-the-tunnels/the-eysturoy-tunnel/