4 Ways To Help You Lower Car Insurance in the UK

It is a fact that car insurance is expensive for new drivers and the only way you can get to enjoy cheaper premium rates is by becoming an experienced driver.

5 Ways To Help You Lower Car Insurance

However, with the help of the following tips, you can decrease the price of your car insurance claim and increase your chances of ripping the benefits of high policy reduction rates. 

1. Pay High Excess

Car insurance companies usually ask clients to specify the level of excess they are interested in before giving a free quote. In other terms, this is the amount of money you are willing to pay for car repair as part of the insurance claim.
Moreover, you also need to understand that setting your claim at a lower price will demand a higher premium. Furthermore, make sure that you can afford to pay for the total cost.

2. Include The Name Of An Experience Driver

You can reduce the cost of your car insurance policy by including the name of an experienced driver. This can be the name of your parents or guardian.
Adding the name of an experienced driver to a new driver’s car insurance policy can automatically help reduce the cost. That is because the insurer will notice that the car is being shared by the two drivers.
However, make sure that you are always in charge of the vehicle and not the experienced driver. Do this to avoid disproval of your car insurance later on

3. Buy A Cheap Car

Other factors that contribute to the pricing of a car insurance policy are model and make of the car. as a new and young driver, you should invest in a car that is not too expensive. That is because cheap cars can be insured at a lower cost.
Driving an expensive car that is fast and luxurious might seem like fun, but when it comes to insuring such a vehicle, you can expect to pay more a lot more. Insurers usually rank cars in groups. This helps them determine whether a car requires a cheap or expensive insurance policy. The groups range from one to fifty and those that are grouped in group one charged less for their insurance policy compared to those that are grouped in group fifty.

4. Make Sure That Your Car Is Secure And Safe

For insurance providers to insure your vehicle, they first make sure that your car is secure and safe. They also gather more information about the car being insured such as where the vehicle is parked and the security features that the car has on the inside.
You can reduce the cost of your car insurance policy by making sure that you have an alarm system installed. 
Insurance providers will also try to find out where the car is parked after being driven? This is one of the details you will be asked about when comparing quotes from different car insurance companies. If the vehicle is parked in a safe area such as the garage or your driveway, then you can expect the car insurance policy to reduce.
Pic: QuoteInspector.com