Britain’s most dangerous roads for motorcyclists

A new analysis of government data taking into account crash sites across the UK for motorcyclists has established the most dangerous roads in the UK and where to watch out for, especially if you’re exploring the country on a bike in the near future.

Most Dangerous Roads in the UK

The data from Swinton Insurance has named the most dangerous roads in the UK as:

1. Lambeth A23, London
2. Brent A404, London
3. Hackney A10, London
Islington A501, London
5. Hackney A107, London
Tower Hamlets A13, London
Powys A483, Wales
8. Islington A1, London
Wandsworth A3, London
10. Wandsworth A3205, London

The capital of London features in 9 out of the most dangerous across the region, showing the different distractions in the city cause these roads to be exceptionally risky, but this doesn’t mean it’s the only area to be conscious of in the UK. In 2016, each road that placed in the top 10 were in London, however, in 2017, the Powys A483 in scenic Wales took the seventh spot for motorbike accidents. As statistics have found that 83% of crashes occurring during fine weather, its important to remember when taking to the roads because it’s a beautiful day, to be more conscious of the potential dangers that come with it.
Things for road users to be wary of when hitting the dangerous roads in the UK:
- Accident rates are declining as in every region (overall by 5%) except for London.
-  One in three motorbike accidents are serious or fatal.
- Friday is the most dangerous day of the week for motorcyclists.
- Saturdays have become more dangerous year-on-year.
- Midday on Sunday is the time that the most fatal or serious accidents occur with the second being Thursdays at 5pm during commuting traffic.
- Most accidents involve riders on motorcycles with engines of 500cc or bigger, suggesting that accidents are happening with enthusiasts, not commuters.
- 71% of motorbike accidents happen on A-roads, making them the most dangerous for riders.
- Young men were most at risk, with 92% of crash victims being male, and 37% aged 25 and under.