Vale Street is one of the steepest roads in England

Vale Street is said to be the steepest residential road in England. The road ramps up so sharply at the bottom it is almost vertical, with a roughly 22-degree gradient incline.

Vale Street

Where is the steepest street in England?

The street is located in the aptly named Bristolian suburb of Totterdown, in the South West England region of the country.

How steep is Vale Street Bristol?

The road is fully paved. It’s said to be the steepest road of England. The climb is 0.2km long with an elevation gain of 17m. The average gradient is 22 per cent but the maximum gradient is 25.6 per cent. The street has such a drastic incline that cars park horizontally across the road to ensure the vehicles don't roll. When it gets icy, locals tie their parked cars to lampposts.

How long is Vale Street, one of the steepest roads in England?

Located in the southwest of England, the street is well-known for its lung-bursting incline and it’s a favourite spot for cyclists. It is flanked by terraced houses with steps provided for pedestrians. With its degree slope the residential road is at the same angle as the average advanced intermediate ski run. The street is 427 ft long, running west-east from Park Street to Balmain Street. The drive offers exceptional adventures when driving or walking on it.