Snaefell Mountain Road, an awe-inspiring drive

Located on the north east of the island, Snaefell Mountain Road is a leading motorsport destination in the Isle of Man.

Snaefell Mountain Road

The road, also known as Mountain Road or A18, is paved and links the towns of Douglas and Ramsey. It’s 15.30 mile (24.62 km) long. The mountain road is part of Snaefell Mountain Course or Mountain Course, a road-racing circuit used for theIsle of Man TT and Manx Grand Prix races held in the Isle of Man from 1911 and 1923 respectively. There is little room for error on this road. The Isle of Man has been a leading motorsport destination since 1904, when racing was legalized on public roads. The Isle of Man is one of the few British territories with no national speed limit.

Drive at moderate speed. You’re not on a race. Its highest point is located near the Snaefell Mountain, at an elevation of 422m (1,385ft) above the sea level. High risk of landslides.