Zig Zag Hill is the bendiest road in the UK

Zig Zag Hill is the name of a defiant road located in Dorset, in England. It’s said to be the windiest one mile stretch of road in Great Britain.

Zig Zag Hill

Where is the bendiest road in Britain?

The road is located near Shaftesbury, a town and civil parish in Dorset, in South West England, west of Salisbury, near the border with Wiltshire.

How long is Zig Zag Hill?

Part of the B3081, the road is totally paved. In a country where hairpins are rare, Zig Zag Hill is like a concentrated hit of Alpine driving with four hairpin bends. It lasts for just one mile (1.60km), but one could be forgiven for believing they are ascending Col de Turini. The road was resurfaced in 2019.

How steep is Zig Zag Hill?

Tucked away on the southwestern part of England, the road is very steep, hitting a 13% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. Starting at the village of Cann Common, this section of the road quickly climbs upward through narrow bends and hairpin turns. It's not long, at only just over a mile, but it twists and turns more than many an Alpine climb. The autumn leaves bring color to this interesting road. The hairpin corners are steep, leaf-covered and greasy, so caution is required. It’s one of the best driving roads in Great Britain.