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Stocksbridge Bypass

Stocksbridge Bypass is located in Stocksbridge, near Sheffield, situated in the north of England. The road is said to be haunted and many people have experienced strange happenings on the bypass. It's one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world.

The road is part of the A616 and has been described as the Killer Road in recent years. It’s asphalted and is the site of many haunting in the area. The bypass was opened in May 1988 and links the M1 motorway at Junction 35A (and J36) to the Woodhead Pass. The road gained notoriety due to a series of deaths either from poor driving, speeding or the prior design of the road. There are reports that security staff (and even police officers) allegedly reported strange happenings and sightings during its construction, including encounters with a ghostly monk.
This part of the road was specially dangerous. More than 25 lives have been lost on the bypass. It’s a key feeder road to the M1 and is a single carriageway with crawler lanes. It has created media interest throughout its time,due to some of the strange goings on that have occurred. It’s said there have been alot of ghost sightings where people have seen children runing around a electric pylon singing ringo ringo roses and then the children will disappear in front of your eyes.
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