Stocksbridge Bypass is a Top Haunted Road in England

Stocksbridge Bypass is a challenging road located in South Yorkshire, England. Numerous reports of paranormal activity along this road, including sightings of ghostly figures, strange lights, and eerie sounds, have earned it a reputation as one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world.

Stocksbridge Bypass

Where is Stocksbridge Bypass?

Stocksbridge Bypass is located to the north of Sheffield, in the northern part of the country.

How long is Stocksbridge Bypass?

The road is entirely paved. Part of the A616, the bypass is 9.97 km (6.2 miles) long, running from Hazlehead to Deepcar. The bypass was opened in May 1988.

Is Stocksbridge Bypass dangerous?

This part of the road is especially perilous and has been labeled a blackspot. It has been described as the Killer Road in recent years. More than 25 lives have been lost on the bypass. It's a key feeder road to the M1 and is a single carriageway with crawler lanes. The road gained notoriety due to a series of deaths either from poor driving, speeding, or the prior design of the road.

Why is Stocksbridge Bypass famous?

It's the site of many hauntings in the area. Reports suggest that security staff (and even police officers) allegedly encountered strange happenings and sightings during its construction, including encounters with a ghostly monk. Shortly after building work commenced, reports of strange happenings began to surface. Numerous ghost sightings have been reported where people claim to have seen children running around an electric pylon singing "ring-a-ring-a-roses," only for the children to disappear in front of their eyes.

What’s the Stocksbridge Bypass Ghost?

One of the most famous legends associated with Stocksbridge Bypass is the story of a phantom hitchhiker known as the "Stocksbridge Bypass Ghost." According to local folklore, drivers traveling along the bypass late at night have encountered a young woman dressed in white who appears to be in distress. Some witnesses claim to have offered her a ride, only for her to vanish from the vehicle without a trace. Other paranormal phenomena reported along the bypass include mysterious orbs of light, shadowy figures darting across the road, and sudden drops in temperature. Some believe that these occurrences are linked to tragic events that have taken place in the area, such as accidents and fatalities. Stocksbridge Bypass has garnered media interest over time due to these strange and unexplained phenomena.