Rufford Ford is the river crossing that went viral on YouTube and TikTok

Nestled within the picturesque Nottinghamshire county in the East Midlands of England lies Rufford ford, an ancient river crossing that has stood the test of time for over a millennium. This historic site, spanning Rainworth Water east of Mansfield, has recently garnered significant attention after viral videos of cars crossing it.

Rufford Ford

Where is Rufford Ford?

Situated within the legendary bounds of Sherwood Forest to the south of Ollerton, Rufford Lane provides a paved pathway through the heart of nature's beauty.

Why is Rufford Ford famous?

During periods of dry weather, the ford presents itself as a mere trickle, a gentle reminder of its humble origins. However, after heavy rainfall, the scene transforms dramatically. The once docile crossing swells to several feet in depth and expands to a breadth of up to 30 feet, resembling more of a theme park log flume than a serene river passage.

Rufford Ford, the social media sensation

In the age of social media, Rufford ford emerged as an unlikely tourist attraction, drawing visitors from far and wide eager to experience the thrill of navigating its treacherous waters. However, what began as a lighthearted adventure soon took a perilous turn as unsuspecting drivers fell victim to the ford's deceptive depths. Viral videos capturing the mishaps circulated widely on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, amplifying the ford's newfound fame.

Is Rufford Ford closed?

Despite its allure, the ford's popularity came at a price. Incidents, including a motorcyclist being catapulted over his handlebars upon entry, prompted Nottinghamshire Police to declare the site a significant hazard. Consequently, on December 2, 2022, the authorities made the difficult decision to close Rufford ford indefinitely to safeguard both motorists and pedestrians. The closure, enforced in collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council and Via East Midlands, aims to address safety concerns while exploring long-term solutions for the area's challenges.