Shelsley Walsh is the oldest motor sport venue in continuous use in the world

Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb is one of the oldest motorsport events in the world and is the oldest motorsport venue in continuous use in the world. It is located in Worcestershire, England. The hill climb course has been in operation since 1905, and its rich history makes it a significant part of the motorsport heritage.

Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb

Where is Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb?

Situated on the western outskirts of Worcester, on the eastern side of the River Severn.

When was Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb first used?

Dating back to 12th August 1905, Shelsley Walsh predates renowned venues like Indianapolis, Le Mans, or Monza. The Midland Automobile Club utilized it as an alternative to Sun Rising Hill near Stratford upon Avon. Since then, the Club consistently conducts hill climbs at Shelsley Walsh, making it the oldest motorsport event still held on its original course.

How long is Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb?

The hill climb course is a narrow, winding track ascending a steep hill, spanning 1,000 yards (914 meters). Renowned for its challenging and picturesque setting, it features a notably steep course by today's UK hill climb standards. Rising 328 feet (100 m) with an average gradient of 1 in 9.14 (10.9%) and a steepest section at 1 in 6.24 (16%), Shelsley emphasizes the significance of power. It is renowned for being one of the steepest hillclimbs in the world. This makes it a real power circuit, only adding to the excitement of spectating at Shelsley. More than anywhere, fast and exciting cars excel here. It’s a thrill for the drivers too, because in places, the course is just 12 feet wide.

What races are celebrated at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb?

The venue hosts diverse motorsport events with a primary focus on hill climb competitions. Attracting a range of cars, from vintage to modern high-performance vehicles, it holds a famous "fastest time of the day" record. Achieving a quick time on this challenging course stands as a prestigious accomplishment for drivers. Known for preserving and celebrating vintage and classic cars, Shelsley Walsh provides spectators with a glimpse into automotive history during its events.