Driving the brutal road from Tan Hill Inn to Keld

Located in the English county of North Yorkshire, a tiny road runs from Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in Great Britain, to Keld. It’s unsuitable for buses, coaches and heavy good vehicles.

Road from Tan Hill Inn to Keld

How long is the road from Tan Hill Inn to Keld?

Set high in the Yorkshire Dales, in the stunning scenery of Swaledale, the road is 5.95km (3.7 miles) long running north-south from Regional Route 71 (aka Pennine Way), at Tan Hill Inn, the Britain’s highest public house, to B6270 Road, to the west of Keld. The road leads to Frith Lodge B&B Accommodation -a 300 year old Swaledale farmhouse-.

Is the road from Tan Hill Inn to Keld challenging?

Isolated in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, a desolate expanse of moors, valleys and hills in northern England, the road is fully paved but pretty challenging, with narrow parts and really treacherous in poor weather. The drive is extremely steep, hitting a 25% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. The area is prone to rapidly deteriorating weather conditions and snow, fog and cold are common.