How to Get to Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in Great Britain?

Located in the English county of North Yorkshire, Tan Hill Inn is the highest pub in Great Britain, at an elevation of 528m (1,732 ft) above the sea level.

Tan Hill Inn

Which is the highest pub in England?

Set high on a lonely hill high in the Yorkshire Dales, in the stunning scenery of Swaledale, just near Keld, Tan Hill Inn is a remote 17-century inn with a restaurant and guestrooms. For many centuries there were shallow coal mines there, resulting in several miners' cottages, and the inn. At 528m (1,732 ft) above the sea level it’s the Britain’s highest public house. This surprising village pub without a village, it’s almost 11 miles away from the nearest from the nearest town, Kirkby Stephen. The pub is known the world over for its countless appearances in film and television (Vera, The Inspector Lindley Mysteries, Murder in Mind, Top Gear, The Fast Show, Wheeler Dealers, Wish You Were Here, All Creatures Great and Small, and Jude the Obscure). The pub is also famous for what happened on New Years Eve 2009. Revellers in the pub got snowed in and could not get out for 3 days.

How to drive to Tan Hill Inn?

The road to the highest pub in England is totally paved. It’s called Regional Route 71 (aka Pennine Way). The road is 32.83km (20.4 miles) long, running from Reeth to Brough, sometimes known as Brough under Stainmore.

Is the road to Tan Hill Inn defiant?

Isolated in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, a desolate expanse of moors, valleys and hills in northern England, the road is pretty challenging, with steep and narrow parts and really treacherous in poor weather. The inn is situated at the highest point of the Pennine Way. The area is prone to rapidly deteriorating weather conditions and snow, fog and cold are common. Visiting the pub is not for the fainthearted.