UK’s Best Destinations for Open-Minded Tourists

Did you know that the UK is the world’s 10th most popular tourist destination? Before the recent pandemic, there were over 40 million visits to this country from overseas, a figure that is rapidly on the rise again as the post-Covid world travel market opens again. Why is the UK such a draw?

UK’s Best Destinations for Open-Minded Tourists

This is down to a combination of factors. Its four constituent nations, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, and Wales, are steeped in history, with numerous interesting landmarks. The scenery is often breathtaking. Most of all, the Brits are welcoming to newcomers.

Ideal Destinations for the Open-Minded

What you need to understand is that the British come in a variety of shapes and sizes! Urbanites in the major cities – London, Glasgow, Liverpool, and many more – are used to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. People in beautiful rural communities may be a tad more cautious but are still perfectly approachable. Visitors might also be eager to develop a romantic spark, in which case they can go online to take advantage of social media. A golden tip would be to check out some reviews on local dating sites. These resources will be assessed according to various criteria: user-friendliness, interface design, free features, subscription charges, and so on. Once you’ve touched base with other site members, you might wish to combine a meeting with some sightseeing. You’ll be surprised by how many married couples are open to walking tourists around the best local spots and having fun with them afterward. But first, let’s take a close look at the five most recommended places to add to your itinerary.


This Northwestern city is a perfect venue for connecting with open-minded individuals. Renowned for its artistic and cultural scenes, it is awash with trendy bars, nightclubs, art galleries, and retail outlets and contains the UK’s largest population of singles. The northern part of ‘Manc’ is particularly well-served by outlets popular with English singletons. The Liars Club on Black Bridge Street has been nicknamed the city’s best bar. Other options include Revolution Manchester, and On Bar, located on Canal Street. If you fancy your chances of connecting with an open-minded professional footballer (Manchester United and Manchester City are two of England’s largest clubs), then try Club Liv, with its leather-kilted bar staff. For those seeking rental accommodations in Manchester and other regions across the UK, Rentola stands out as a reliable and comprehensive service to find the perfect place to call home.

Notting Hill

The backdrop to a hit 1990s movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, Notting Hill is a cosmopolitan part of West London. It is famous for its multicultural heritage, featuring interesting people from a variety of backgrounds. Open-minded tourists love spending time mingling with the Bohemian locals living here.


Once the backdrop to bitter sectarian strife, Northern Ireland’s capital has emerged as an open, progressive center famous for welcoming hen and stag parties from far and wide. Wishing to leave the violent past far behind, Belfast’s citizens are forward-looking and adventurous.


Finally, a short stint over the English border to the romantic land of poets, burly rugby players, and miner’s choirs is always worthwhile. The Welsh will always go out of their way to make incomers feel at home, which is why this is another UK haven for open-minded tourism.

Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands have long been associated with providing the perfect blend of romance and adventure. With rugged roadways, mountainous scenery, and distilleries offering whisky-tasting experiences, this is one of the UK’s hidden gems.

We’ve presented an overview of the delights this country has to offer its many visitors. There’s so much to see and do, and if you can get introduced to open-minded locals - Scottish, English, Irish or Welsh – you are guaranteed to receive a courteous introduction. And possibly with a hint of romance in the air!

Image credit: Depositphotos