Osea Island Causeway, covered by sea water at high tide

Osea is a tidal island situated in the estuary of the River Blackwater in Essex, East England. Twice a day, the tidal causeway to the island disappears with the tides, leaving the area out to sea. Road liable to tidal flooding. Do not proceed when the road is in flood. It’s one of the periodically flooded roads around the world.

Osea Island Causeway

The island is said to be Essex's greatest secret. It’s accessible by a 1.44km (0.9 mile) unpaved causeway for about four hours a day at low tide. It’s called Osea Road. When the tide comes back, the causeway is underwater and the island is only accessible by boat. Drivers need to be aware of tide times before attempting to drive onto the island. The tide times change every day.

The causeway was built by the Romans. The island, located just a couple of hours' drive from central London, is privately owned (by Nigel Frieda, a music producer) but open to visitors. It’s advised that drivers not to enter Osea's postcode into a satellite navigation as they could be sent to the wrong end of the island where there is no tidal causeway. The island has a diverse wildlife population.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez
Pic: Will Collis