Perfect 7 Day Road Trip Itinerary for the UK

It is indeed challenging to plan a road trip itinerary for the UK and wind it up within seven days. After all, wherever you go and whatever direction you take, there are countless options to discover and endless spots to explore.

Perfect 7 Day Road Trip Itinerary for the UK

The UK is world-famous for its charming villages, high cliffsides, and dramatic coasts. There are magnificent landscapes entwined with incredible history and folklore.  Here is a seven-day road trip you could plan for the UK.

Day 1 - Start with London

Start with London and spend a day here to get the taste of the capital. Explore the primary attractions in the ever-fascinating city such as The London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and experience the afternoon tea.

Day 2 – Four Hours’ Drive to Cornwall

Drive to Cornwall, which is a stunning area laden with character. You are on to one of the most scenic drives as you drive towards the southwestern tip of England. Visit the historic town of Bath and see Stonehenge, a famous prehistoric monument.

Day 3 – One and Half Hour Drive to Devon

Head towards Devon, famous for its picturesque farms and thatched cottages. Stay in a working farm, visit the UNESCO Heritage Sites, and spend time picnicking amidst canola fields or go for countryside walks.

Day 4 – Few Minutes’ Drive to Dorset

Continue to Dorset towards southwestern and explore the geographic and historic county bordered by the English Channel. The historic town of Dorchester is steeped with abundant history from the Neolithic Period, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. You must visit the Maiden Castle just outside Dorchester.

Day 5 – Three Hours’ Drive to Brighton

The next day, drive to Brighton and enjoy the beautiful English countryside. You will love the vibrant small city with independent cafes, vintage boutiques, and street art. Enjoy some great bakery goodies and coffee in the eateries here.

Day 6 - Two Hours’ Drive to Canterbury

Canterbury should be your next stop on the ad trip, and the cathedral city is famous because of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The idyllic city looks like straight out of a fairy-tale. Explore the city, take a river tour, and visit the Canterbury Cathedral.

Day 7 - Three Hours’ Drive to Oxford

Oxford should be your last stop on the road trip before you drive back to London. It is home to the University of Oxford, one of the most famous universities in the world. Spend some time in the university and feel the vibes of one of the oldest colleges as you walk on the hallowed corridors. Visit the Bodleian Library and listen to the college chapel choirs.

There! Now that you have a well-planned internal for a road trip in the UK, it is time to hit the roads. Just make sure to prepare well and get a good night’s sleep for the long drive ahead for the next couple of days.