M25, the busiest motorway in England

Located in London, the capital of England, the M25 is an orbital motorway that almost completely encircles the largest city of the country.

M25 (London Orbital Motorway)

The M25 or London Orbital Motorway is a British motorway that surrounds London. It was built as part of the ringways scheme. It was cancelled due to protests and controversy but the already constructed sections were connected and became the M25. This road is the most disliked motorway in the country, and also the busiest.

The road was completed in 1986. It was originally designed for 100,000 vehicles per day, however that number is now 200,000 for just some sections of junction to junction. It’s 188km (117 miles) in circumference, that almost completely encircles the capital. It’s one of the world's biggest ring roads. It is busy as people overseas have to drive on this road to get to a location such as Heathrow Airport or even the Harry Potter studio tour, which is where they filmed Harry Potter.
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