The top five steepest streets in England: Ultimate Uphill Battle

Across England, a few daunting streets challenge both drivers and walkers with their steep inclines. Vale Street in Totterdown, Bristol, stands unmatched not just as the steepest in England, but also claims the title for the entire UK. Let's explore the streets that push us uphill and make the cut in the top five.

Five steepest streets in England

Where is the steepest street in England?

  Street Location Gradient
1 Vale Street Bristol 25.6°
2 Old Wyche Road Worcestershire 17.54°
3 Blake Street Sheffield 16.6°
4 Steep Hill Lincoln 16.12°
5 Gold Hill Dorset 16.09°

Prepare for some heavy breathing and perhaps a few stops to enjoy the view when tackling these steep climbs. Whether you're driving or walking, be ready for a workout on these slopes – and maybe a pause or two to admire the scenic beauty they offer!