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Faroese challenging tunnels

Some tunnels on Faroe Islands are a harrowing one lane tunnel on a two way road. Drivers have to be constantly alert and hope that anyone coming through the tunnel on the other side got the message to yield.

The tunnels on Faroe Islands require driver’s skills at their very best. Kind of frightening to drive through if you're not used ot it. Drivers must watch for the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Single lane tunnels length ranges from 220m to 3km. Often the visibility in those occasions is poor, so the sooner you notice somebody coming the other way and eventually brake, the easier you can deal with it, given that there no passing places near the ends.

There are passing places inside the tunnels. They are ahead a ‘M’ traffic sign each 100m approx and always at your right. Trucks and buses are exempt of certain tunnels’ rules, so always watch out. Keep in mind that traffic in most occasions is scarce, so you won't have much to worry about.
One lane tunnels on Faroe Islands:                                     

TunnelYear Length (m)Connects  Island
Hvalbiartunnilin19631,450Hvalba and TrongisvágurSuðuroy
Árnafjarðartunnilin 19651,680Ánir, Klaksvík and ÁrnafjørðurBorðoy
Hvannasundstunnilin19672,120Árnafjørður and Hvannasund/NorðdepilBorðoy
Sandvíkartunnilin 19691,500Sandvík and HvalbaSuðuroy
Villingadalstunnilin 1979 1,193 Trøllanes, Mikladalur, Húsar and Djúpidalur Kalsoy
Mikladalstunnilin 1980 1,082 Trøllanes, Mikladalur, Húsar and DjúpidalurKalsoy
Ritudalstunnilin 1980  683 Trøllanes, Mikladalur, Húsar and DjúpidalurKalsoy 
Teymur í Djúpadal  1979–85 220 Trøllanes, Mikladalur, Húsar and Djúpidalur  Kalsoy 
Trøllanestunnilin 1985 2,248 Trøllanes, Mikladalur, Húsar and Djúpidalur Kalsoy 
Kunoyartunnilin 19883,031 Kunoy and Haraldssund Kunoy 
Gásadalstunnilin 2006 1,445 Gásadalur and Bøur Vágar 


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