Ejer Bavnehøj is the highest road in Denmark

Ejer Bavnehøj, also known as Yding Skovhøj, is the highest natural point in Denmark. Located in the eastern part of Jutland, this prominent hill rises to an elevation of 170.86 meters (560.56 feet) above sea level. While the height might not seem impressive by international standards, it holds great significance for the Danish people as it represents their country's highest point.

Ejer Bavnehøj

Ejer Bavnehøj is situated near the village of Ejer, in the Skanderborg municipality of Denmark. The hill is part of the Yding Skovhøj Nature Reserve, which encompasses an area of scenic woodlands and rolling countryside. The surrounding landscape features beautiful meadows, charming farms, and picturesque views, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.
The name "Ejer Bavnehøj" translates to "Ejer Beacon Hill" in English, reflecting its historical role as a beacon site. In the past, beacons were used as a means of communication, warning nearby communities of impending danger or signaling important messages. Ejer Bavnehøj served as one such beacon hill, where fires were lit to convey information across the region.

At the summit of Ejer Bavnehøj, visitors can find a monument that commemorates its status as Denmark's highest point. The monument consists of a stone pillar topped with a bronze sphere, symbolizing the peak. It was erected in 1847 to mark the elevation and has since become a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Standing at the monument, one can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, taking in the beauty of Denmark's. The road to the tower, the highest road of the country, is paved and narrow. Starting in Tebstrup, the road is 3.6 km (2.23 miles) long.