Driving through the abandoned streets of Varosha, the ghost town of the Mediterranean

Varosha, located in Famagusta, in Cyprus, under the control of Northern Cyprus, has been deserted since the Turkish invasion in 1974, transforming it into a war-torn ghost town frozen in time. While authorities hinted at partial reopening in 2020, Varosha remains largely uninhabited and under military control.


Navigating the fully paved streets, you witness the surreal contrast of bike rentals, cafes, and playgrounds emerging amidst the backdrop of crumbling structures. Varosha, fenced off by the Turkish military, retains an unsettling beauty, with abandoned hotels and homes standing as silent witnesses to its lively past.

Driving through the abandoned streets of Varosha, offers a poignant journey through the remnants of a once-vibrant holiday destination. As you drive, the absence of cars deepens the sense of solitude, intensifying the ghostly atmosphere. Loneliness echoes through Varosha's empty avenues, emphasizing the complex legal battles and unresolved issues surrounding its fate. Restricted as a military zone, certain areas may be inaccessible, underscoring the challenges in preserving a place with a history suspended in unresolved narratives. Varosha invites contemplation of the stark contrast between its past and present, a poignant reminder of the impact of conflict on a once-thriving resort.
Pic: Robert Oswald