Conquering the brutal Mur de Huy: Belgium's Most Iconic Cycling Climb

Located in Huy, in the country's Walloon Region and Province of Liege of Belgium, the Mur de Huy (The wall of Huy) is one of the steepest, toughest and most spectacular finishing climbs in professional cycling.

Mur de Huy

How long is Mur de Huy?

Tucked away in the southern part of the country, the climb starts at Huy at an elevation of 121m (397 ft) above the sea level. The ascent is only short, just 1,300 m (4,300 ft) long, ending at 204m (669 ft) above the sea level. The surface of the road is paved but narrow. Famous for being part of the route of La Flèche Wallonne professional cycling race, it is one of the truly definitive climbs. It hosts the finish line of La Flèche Wallonne since 1985, and it debuted in style with victory by Bernard Hinault. It had been climbed by the Tour de France race.

How steep is Mur de Huy?

Whether you're a cycling enthusiast or a professional cyclist, the Mur de Huy offers a test of endurance and skill unlike any other. The average gradient is 9.3% but the gradient peaks at 26 per cent – more than one-in-four – on an S-bend. Brutal is a word used often in cycling, but there isn’t a better one to describe the Mur. The climb is also known as le Chemin des Chapelles (“The Path of the Chapels”) because of the 7 chapels along its route.