Driving the abandoned streets of Doel

Located in the Flemish province of East Flanders, close to the border of the Netherlands, Doel is an abandoned Ghost Town not far from Antwerp, a Belgian port that has swallowed up many similar small towns as it has grown over the years.

Abandoned city of Doel

If you want to get a feel for what an empty and deserted town looks like, you can take a short trip to Doel, a village threatened with demolition due to the expansion of Antwerp’s port on the Schledt river, with a long history: over 700 years old. Going inside of the buildings is prohibited, though it can be managed.

More than a thousand people once lived there, but the abandoned streets of Doel are now deserted, despite the dozen or so people who still cling to life in the eerily quiet and empty town. Although, the experience can be very creepy you will definitely enjoy some eeriness when you visit this abandoned city. It is not possible to drive into Doel itself unless you are a resident.