Brenner Pass, a road through the Alps

Brennerpass-Passo del Brennero is an international mountain pass at an elevation of 1.370m (4,495ft) above the sea level, through the Alps, located on the Italian-Austrian border.

The road to the summit is asphalted. It’s called E45 motorway and links the cities of Innsbruck, Austria, and Bolzano, Italy. It is one of the most important routes of north–south connections in Europe.

How long is the Brenner Pass?

The pass is 36 km (22 mi) long, running from Inntal Autobahn to Autostrada A22.

Is Brenner Pass open?

It is the lowest of the Alpine passes and is usually open the whole year. It is the lowest of the Alpine passes. It has been one of the most important passages through the Alps since ancient times.