The Ultimate Guide to Conquering the Kepa-Mittagskogel

Kepa-Mittagskogel is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 2.145m (7,037ft) above the sea level, located on the border of Slovenia and Austria.


Set high in the Western Karawanks range, the peak links the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia and the Austrian state of Carinthia. The summit resembles a rocky pyramid with a rounded summit.

A forest dirt road, built between the two World Wars, runs from the village of Belca -on the Slovenian side- to a saddle at the state border at about 1.600m above the sea level. Then it is closed for public traffic. It’s 7.8km (4.84 miles) long. It is one of the most spectacular dirt roads in the country. From the north, starting from Kaernten in Austria, a road leads to Bertahuette, a mountain hut near the peak, but in 2006 it was closed at an elevation of 1.180m (a big enough parking place).
Pic: Jörg Krug