Travelling through the T2709 road to Baidarsky Pass

Baidarsky Pass (Baydar Gate) is a mountain pass at an elevation of 503m (1,650ft) above the sea level located in the southwestern region of the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea, in Ukraine.

Baidarsky Pass

Set high in the Crimea Mountains, the road to the summit is totally paved. It’s called T2709. Known as the Old Sevastopol-Yalta road, it was built in the 1830’s and opened to traffic in 1848. The road is the main access to the Church of Christ's Resurrection, a picturesque church set atop a 400-metre cliff overlooking the sea coast.

The road runs parallel to H19 road. It’s 38.8 km (24.10 miles) long, running east-west from Alupka, a resort city in the Crimean peninsula towards Honcharne. The drive offers panoramic views overlooking the Black Sea littoral.
Pic: Владимир Сластихин