Bakhchysarai Highway

Bakhchysarai Highway is a wild road in Crimea

Bakhchysarai Highway (T0117) is a challenging road located in central Crimea, running from Yalta to Bakhchysarai.

How long is Bakhchysarai Highway?

The Bakhchysarai Highway is totally paved. It’s 77 km (47 miles) long, running from Yalta, a resort city on the north coast of the Black Sea to Bakhchysarai, a city in central Crimea.

Is the Bakhchysarai Highway dangerous?

Known by locals as ‘the old highway’. the road contains no fewer than 280 turns (with a series of 30 gulp-inducing hairpin turns), including sequences of blind narrow bends.

How long does it take to drive the Bakhchysarai Highway?

To drive the Bakhchysarai Highway without stopping will take most people between 1 and 2 hours, but this time can drastically increase if the road or weather conditions turn unfavorable. The drive offers amazing views across the beautiful scenery, as it winds through forest gorges and traverses spectacular rock cliffs.

Is the Bakhchysarai Highway open?

The road tops out at 1.234m (4,048ft) above the sea level where weather conditions are far more unpredictable and the temperature much, much colder. It is often covered by snow and ice during the harsh winter months, which will cause obvious problems for those who are either not prepared for a cold night on the side of the road or fail to adapt to the road conditions and accidently make their own route down the valley floor, via a vertical plunge to an almost certain death.
Pic: Антонина Жмуденко


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