A gravel 4x4 road to Manyava Waterfall

Manyava waterfall is located up the river near Manyava settlement in the Carpathian mountains, in Ukraine. The waterfall is 18 meters high and it’s situated in a deep and narrow rocky canyon, and the road to rech the waterfall is an extreme dirt track.

Manyava waterfall

Village Manyava is located in 25 km from the railway station Nadvirna. It is located in a beautiful mountain valley surrounded by Carpathian Mountains. Manyava is famous for its ancient monastery of the XVII century – Manyavsky skit, founded by monks from Mount Athos. Menacing mountain terrain with numerous steep, rocky climbs. Large, sharp rocks require tight maneuvering, increasing the likelihood of tire damage. High clearance, skid plates and differential lockers required. No stock vehicles. A complex network of poorly defined roads makes route-finding very difficult, even following a GPS tracklog. Never drive this trail alone.

The unpaved sections of the road can be impassable when wet. In any case, driving 4WD is recommended due to uneven surface. Manyavsky monastery is also famous for its waterfall. It also called Manyavsky. The height of the waterfall reaches 20 meters. You can get here only after passing distance of 7 km on foot, walking along the river Manyavka. But, believe – it’s worth it. The sun looks here seldom, so a special coolness is felt here. If you wish you can even swim in a small mountain lake.
Pic: Сергій Мошенський