How to get to Mount Hoverla, the highest mountain of Ukraine

Mount Hoverla is a mountain peak within the Eastern Beskides, nestled in Ukraine's Chornohora region. It is the highest mountain in Ukraine. East of its summit, a road ascends to an elevation of 1,270m (4,166ft) above sea level.

Mount Hoverla

How long is the road to Mount Hoverla?

Set high in the Carpathian Mountains, the road is mostly unpaved by usually navigable by most passenger vehicles. Starting from the paved Р24 road, the drive is 12.2 km (7.58 miles) long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 440 m. The average gradient is 3.6%.

Is the drive to Mount Hoverla worth it?

While approaching Yaroslyak station, travelers will encounter a toll section. Beyond this point, the road conditions deteriorate significantly for the next 8 km. However, the scenic beauty is undeniable – slopes adorned with beech and spruce forests eventually give way to sub-alpine meadows, known locally as 'polonyna'. The eastern slope is significant as the origin point of the Prut river. The name “Hoverla” is derived from the Hungarian term “hóvár”, translating to “snowy mountain”.
Pic: Dmitriy Malyshev