Mangartsko Sedlo

Driving the wild road to Mangart Pass in the Julian Alps

Mangartsko sedlo is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.067m (6,781ft) above the sea level located in Slovenia. It’s said to be the highest-lying road in the country.

Where is Mangart Pass?

The pass is located in the Municipality of Bovec in the Littoral region of the country, near the Italian border.

Can you drive to Mangart Pass?

The road to the summit, also known as Mangart Saddle, is totally paved but very narrow, with some brutally steep parts (up to 23%). It is called Road 902. There is a small ticket booth. The last part of the road, beyond a large parking lot, is currently closed to motor vehicles. It’s one of the highest roads of the country.

How long is the road to Mangart Pass?

The road to the summit is 23.9km (14.85 miles) long starting at Bovec. The dead end road climbs by the small towns of Log Pod Mangartom and Strmec na Predelu, and arrives to the peak of the Mangartsko Sedlo. At the peak there’s a perfect loop, one way only (a circular macadam road) which brings you to the highest point: the Mangart Saddle. Here one can enjoy a beautiful view towards the Log Koritnica Valley (in Slovenia) to the south and the Lakes of Fusine (in Italy) to the north. Return is made via the same route. Alternatively, the end of this route (at its highest point) can be used as a starting point for a mountaineering experience, namely climbing Mt. Mangrt (2.678 m), or a paragliding adventure that takes you to the Koritnica Valley. 

What is the road to Mangart Pass like?

The road is narrow, with no protections and 5 unlit tunnels carved into bedrocks: nothing really dangerous, but you might have strong nerves and good control of the vehicle. You should not be afraid of heights: at points there is no barrier on the sides and drop reaches hundreds of meters down. Along the way you are hoping you don’t meet too many oncoming cars, since the road is so narrow. The road is steep. The elevation gain is 1.630m and the average gradient is 6.82%, hitting a 22% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. It has many switchbacks, tunnels, hairpins, and a wild average percent in many sections. If you have nerves of steel this is a great option. If you are the car on the edge of the road…be careful. During the last years some new viaducts were built, on the Log Pod Mangartom zone.

Is Mangart Pass open?

Set high in the Julian Alps in the northwestern part of the country, the road usually opens in May and is maintained until end of November. Operation of the road depends on the weather conditions (snow, avalanche dangers), so it can also open/close earlier/later then the predicted dates are. This winding road, very popular in summer season, is called the Most beautiful alpine road in Slovenia.

When was the road to Mangart Pass built?

This panoramic road was built in 1938 by Italian soldiers when that area was a part of Italy. Even today it almost reaches the Italian border. The last part of it was paved in 2005.


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