Navigating Serbia's Dangerous Ibar Highway: An Overview of State Road 22

State Road 22, commonly referred to as Ibarska Magistrala or Ibar Highway, is a paved route connecting Belgrade to western Serbia and onward to Montenegro. Due to its treacherous conditions and congestion, it's earned the ominous moniker "Black Highway."

Ibarska magistrala

How Long is the Ibar Highway?

Stretching 297 km (185 miles), the Ibar Highway connects Belgrade to the Špiljani border in Montenegro. Additionally, it forms part of the European routes E65, E80, and E763.

What's the Condition of the Ibar Highway?

While the highway is entirely paved, its condition varies. In urban areas, the road tends to be in fair shape, but as you venture into rural sectors, the quality often deteriorates, especially after inclement weather. Daytime travel is recommended, with night drives discouraged due to the road's challenges. Predominantly a single-lane highway, it experiences significant traffic. In its southern stretch, the highway parallels the Ibar River, which is the inspiration behind its name.

How Dangerous is the Ibar Highway?

The road reports a worrying number of traffic accidents every year. Between 2017 and 2019, it witnessed 1,736 accidents, resulting in 86 fatalities and 1,619 injuries.