Driving the slippery Lefortovo Tunnel of Death in Moscow

The Lefortovo Tunnel in Moscow, part of the Third Ring Road, is located in Lefortovo, a suburb of the Russian capital, which is the largest city entirely on the European continent. The tunnel is the fifth longest in-city tunnel in Europe, measuring 3.2 km (2.0 mi) in length and featuring 7 lanes (3 lanes northbound and 4 lanes southbound). Fully paved, it was opened in 2003.

Lefortovo Tunnel

Despite its structural achievements, the tunnel earned the ominous nickname "The Tunnel of Death" due to its high accident rate. The accidents, many caused by skidding on ice in winter, have been documented in a viral video circulating on the internet. This compilation of footage comes from security cameras within the tunnel.

The tunnel runs underneath the Yauza River, and its roof has been a source of trouble. Water leakage onto the road has been observed, creating a hazardous situation, especially during very cold days when the water turns to ice. The slippery surface contributes to accidents, further justifying the morbid nickname.

The Lefortovo Tunnel is a notable element of Moscow's road infrastructure, forming part of the Moscow ring road. Despite its accolades for being one of the longest in Europe, the safety concerns associated with it have left a lasting and ominous impression, earning it the grim moniker of "The Tunnel of Death."
Pic&video: Matthew Cipolla