The extreme road to Vayda-Guba

Vayda-Guba is a small town located in Pechengsky District, in the northwest of Murmansk Oblast in the northwestern part of Russia. It’s one of the northernmost points of Europe.


Located beyond the Arctic Circle on the Kola Peninsula, the road to the town is 180 km from Russia's major northern city of Murmansk. It’s totally unpaved and features a number of river crossings. The area is rather remote. The drive is, however, stunning.

4x4 vehicle required. The town was founded in the 1860s. Adverse weather conditions are common. Expect harsh conditions, with very cold winters lasting most of the year. Located on a land blend into the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean, the town is off-limits to foreigners.
Pic: Sergey Borisov