A remote road to Pereval Nevelskiy in the Sakhalin Oblast

Pereval Nevel’skiy is a mountain pass at an elevation of 437m (1,551ft) above the sea level, located on the boundary between Nevelsky and Anivsky districts, in the Sakhalin Oblast of Russia.

Pereval Nevel’skiy

Can I drive through Pereval Nevelskiy?

Located on the southwest coast of the Sakhalin Island, the road to the summit is mostly unpaved. It’s called 64H-6. The drive is very remote. Most of the time, the pass may be traversed by passenger vehicles. Expect fog often. The drive offers scenic views.

How long is the road to Pereval Nevelskiy?

The road to the pass is 47.3 km (29.39 mile) long and links the port town of Nevelsk, the administrative center of Nevelsky District and Petropavlovskoye, in the Sakhalin Oblast.