64H-3: Sakhalin Island's Breathtaking Coastal Road in Russia

Nestled in the heart of Sakhalin Island, Russia, the 64H-3 road is renowned as one of the world's most spectacular coastal drives.

64H-3 Road

Road Condition: Is 64H-3 Paved?

While the majority of the 64H-3 is unpaved, it remains navigable for most vehicles during dry conditions. The route predominantly skirts the picturesque Strait of Tartary, offering uninterrupted Pacific Ocean views.

Navigating Sakhalin: Important Notes for Travelers:

Despite its relative safety beyond the capital, Sakhalin's capital is notorious for having the highest juvenile crime rate in the federation. Foreign travelers looking to explore beyond Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk should be aware that permissions from the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Border Guard are mandatory.

Journey Length: How Far Does 64H-3 Stretch?

Situated at Russia's eastern extremity, north of Japan's Hokkaido Island, this road spans 406 km (252 miles) from Smirnykh to Kholmsk, tracing the island's coastline.

Weather Considerations: What to Expect in Sakhalin?

Winters on Sakhalin are extended and can be harsh. Snow may blanket the region from early November till late April, with blizzards common. Temperatures might plummet to -30 degrees Celsius or even lower. Even summers in the arctic tundra up north can witness sudden, drastic temperature drops.

Exploring Sakhalin by Car: Is it Worth It?

Sakhalin's untamed wilderness, with its dense forests, seal-inhabited islands, abundant fish streams, ski slopes, and numerous bears, promises an unparalleled adventure. However, Sakhalin's limited road infrastructure, compounded by their poor condition even by Russian metrics, makes driving a challenge. Although public transport access is limited, and many areas require a specialized 4x4 vehicle, there are companies offering vehicles with drivers to aid travelers, ensuring a memorable yet safe journey.