Cascading Wonders: Navigating the Majestic Road to Chegem Waterfalls in Kabardino-Balkaria

Located in the Chegemsky District of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic in Russia, the renowned Chegem waterfalls are a regional highlight.

Chegem waterfalls

Where Are the Chegem Waterfalls Located?

Nestled in the central part of the Caucasus Mountains, south of Nizhnii Chegem, the waterfalls cascade in a series within a deep mountain ravine. These falls, which flow into the region's main river, Chegem, are among Kabardino-Balkaria's most iconic sights. They formed from the interaction of water with massive rock falls, cascading from various heights (up to 50 m) and presenting diverse sizes and types. The waterfalls are situated at the confluence of three tributaries – the Adai-Su, the Sakal-Tup, and the Kayaarty – that feed the Chegem river.

Is It Possible to Drive to the Chegem Waterfalls?

Frequented by tourists from across Russia, the route to the waterfalls offers stunning vistas as it meanders through gorges carved by the Chegem river. While the road is fully paved, it's notably narrow and has deteriorated due to weather conditions.

How Long Is the Road to the Chegem Waterfalls?

The road spans 58.7 km (36.47 miles), stretching from Chegem, the administrative center of the Chegemsky District in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, to El'tiubiu. Along the way, visitors can find a small hotel, a cafe, and a market showcasing handicrafts from local artisans. The breathtaking views captivate year-round, mesmerizing visitors with their majestic beauty.