Rogachevo to Belushya Guba Road

The Ultimate Road Trip From Rogachevo to Belushya Guba

Located on Yuzhny Island, Novaya Zemlya, in Russia's Arkhangelsk Oblast, the road from Rogachevo to Belushya Guba is a bumpy, though scenic drive. It's one of the world's northernmost roads.

Where is the road from Rogachevo to Belushya Guba?

The road is located on the Gusinaya Zemlya peninsula of the Yuzhny Island of the Novaya Zemlya arctic archipelago, on the Barents Sea, in Russia's Arkhangelsk Oblast. At 71°36' degrees north and 1,887km (1,172 mi) to the north of Moscow, it is one of the northernmost roads in the world.

How long is the road from Rogachevo to Belushya Guba?

The road is totally unpaved. It’s 17.5 km (10.87 miles) long running north-south from Rogachevo to Belushya Guba, also known as Belushye. The archipelago is home to the world's northern-most military base and hosts many nuclear test sites. Keep an eye out for polar bears. The road is open in summers only. The area is prone to gusty winds and poor visibility.

Pic: Вадик Гр (GriVadim)



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