The remote road to Gamsutl, a Soviet ghost town

Gamsutl is the name of an abandoned ancient village located in the mountains of Dagestan, Russia. It is said to be one of the oldest settlements in the republic.

Gamsutl ghost town

Where is Gamsutl?

Surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes, the eerie ghost town, known as Dagestan's Machu Picchu, is located in one of the country's most remote areas, in the Gunibsky district of the southwestern Russian republic of Dagestan.

Can you drive to Gamsutl in Dagestan?

A gravel road suitable for motor vehicles was constructed to reach the town. However, now, the road ends on top of Mount Gamsutlmeer, at 1.449m (4,753ft) above the sea level, 500m far from the ghost town. The road has steep sections and hairpin turns; a 4x4 vehicle is required.

How long is the road to Gamsutl?

The road to Mount Gamsutlmeer is brutally steep, hitting a 17% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. Starting at Gostevoy Dom 55 (a guest house), the ascent is 1.7 km (1.05 miles) long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 166 meters. The average gradient is 9.76%.

When was Gamsutl abandoned?

The isolated village is said to be one of the oldest settlements in the territory of the republic: it’s supposedly over 2000 years old and had once held over 300 families. The town was abandoned in 2015 when the last resident passed away. Today, there are about 70 houses in the abandoned village, originally there were 300 houses. It’s visited only by tourists.
Pic: Влад Козлов