98K-015 Road

98K-015 is a remote road across the Sakha Republic

98K-015 is the name of a very defiant road located in the Sakha Republic, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, in Russia.

Tucked away in the Siberian region of eastern Russia, the road is totally unpaved. It’s 215 km (133 miles) long, running south-north from Lensk (Lensky District) to Mirny (Mirninsky District). Ideal time to travel is daylight. Not advised night drive. To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 3 and 4 hours.

The road is not easy. It features steep sections and tops out at 467m (1,532ft) above the sea level. Always check the weather forecast before you start your journey: adverse conditions are common. Winters are severely cold and long. The area is known for its extreme climate. The average temperature in January is -46 degrees Fahrenheit (-43.5 degrees Celsius). It’s heavily used by mine trucks. After rains or snow, a 4x4 vehicle is required.


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