The Ultimate Guide to Traveling to the abandoned Geamăna

Geamăna is an abandoned village located in western Romania. The town was deliberately flooded and abandoned in 1978 for a mine.


Located in Alba County, the village of Geamana once lay deep in a fertile valley. It was a picturesque village in the Carpathian Mountains up until 1978, when the Communist regime forced residents to leave their homes and make way for the toxic waste from a nearby mining pit called the Rosia Poieni mine. Today the village lies under 90 meters of industrial waste. The town was almost entirely engulfed in toxic copper waste from the nearby copper mining pit. The waters of the lake are not clear or clean, they’re toxic waste. It is actually extremely tragic but also really very unusual.

Starting from Lupsa, the road to Geamana is gravel. It’s called DC99. It’s 6.3 km long and the gravel is loose so you can easily lose control. In winters it’s usually impassable. 4x4 vehicle recommended.