The Transursoaia, one of the Romanian high altitude roads

Transursoaia Road (DN1R) is a mountain road located in northern Romania, within the Apuseni Mountains. It’s one of the famous Romanian high altitude roads.

Transursoaia Road

The road is mostly paved with some gravel sections. Located within the Parcul Natural Apuseni, the road is 80.0 km (49.7 miles) long and links the towns of Albac, (in Alba County) and Huedin (in Cluj County). Its highest elevation is at 1.324m (4,343ft) above the sea level, at Pasul Ursoaia. The journey offers an exhilarating driving experience, with superb views. Best to be ridden during the day as the mountains will reward the riders with spectacular views.

The road includes some steep sections and 15 hairpin turns. The road is usually impassable from May to October, depending on the weather. It’s pretty narrow in parts. Caution is required as there are sections of narrow areas.