What are the highest roads in Romania?

Located in Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, Romania is a pretty mountainous country. There are 12 peaks over 2,500 m in the country. Its natural landscape is almost evenly distributed between mountains (31%), hills (33%), and plains (36%).

Highest roads of Romania

Highest roads in Romania

Mountain pass Elevation County Surface
Vârful Coștila 2.485m (8,152ft) Prahova Gravel
Muntii Iezer 2.357m (7,732ft) Argeș Gravel
Jepii de Sus 2.164m (7,099ft) Argeș Gravel
Pasul Urdele 2.145m (7,037ft) Valcea/Gorj Asphalt
Nedeia 2.085m (6,840ft) Valcea/Gorj Gravel
Pasul Bâlea 2.042m (6,699ft) Sibiu Asphalt
Preotesele 1.998m (6,555ft) Argeș Gravel
Piatra Arsa 1.970m (6,463ft) Prahova Asphalt
Rezervor de Apă 1.969m (6,459ft) Valcea Gravel
Șaua Grădișteanu 1.954m (6,410ft) Argeș Gravel
Petrimanu 1.943m (6,374ft) Valcea Gravel
Florea 1.931m (6,335ft) Argeș Gravel
Frătoșteanu Mare 1.914m (6,279ft) Valcea Gravel
Telescaun Straja 1.855m (6,085ft) Hunedoara Gravel
Jepii de Jos 1.847m (6,059ft) Argeș Gravel
Vârful Curcubăta Mare 1.829m (6,000ft) Bihor Gravel
Varful Vlădeasa 1.828m (6,000ft) Cluj Gravel
Munții Baiului 1.796m (5,892ft) Prahova Gravel
Postavaru 1.765m (5,790ft) Brașov Gravel