Pasul Mestecăniș

Pasul Mestecăniș, a sensational drive in Romania

Mestecanis Pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.096m (3,595ft) above the sea level, located in Suceava County, north-eastern Romania.

The road over the pass (situated in the historical region of Bukovina) is paved. It’s called DN17 (part of the European Route 58). Starting from Jacobeni, the ascent is 6 km long. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 213 meters. The average percentage is 3.6 %. At the summit there are some restaurants, bars and a souvenir shop.


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NOTICE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest and roads are closed and travel is not recommended. Please follow all local health authority directives before venturing off, and stay safe.