If you love to drive, you will love the DJ73 Road

DJ73 Road is a very scenic drive located in the central part of Romania. It’s a high mountain road climbing up a few mountain passes.

DJ73 Road

Running through Argeș and Brașov counties, in the Carpathian Mountains, the road is totally paved. Part of the E574, the road is 138 km (85.74 miles) long, running from Brașov, a city in the Transylvania region of Romania, to Pitești, the capital and largest city of Argeș County.

It’s a high mountain road, climbing up a few mountain passes as Pasul Giuvala, at 1.275m above the sea level, and Pasul Posada, at 836m. The road tops out at 1.300m above the sea level.
It’s an awesome road with mountain views on both sides, countless turns and hairpins as well as a lot of traffic (so the primary danger is reckless drivers). It passes through stunning mountain villages.
Road suggested by: Martin P.