The road to Negovanu Lake has it all

Lacul Negovanu is a mountain lake at an elevation of 1,150m (3,772ft) above sea level, located in Sibiu County, Romania.

Negovanu Lake

Is the road to Negovanu Lake paved?

Tucked away in the central part of the country, the road to the lake is extremely challenging and defiant, with hundreds of turns, narrow, steep sections, all together with paved and unpaved parts.

How long is the road to Negovanu Lake?

The road to the lake is 60.3 km (37.46 miles) long, running west-east from Transalpina Road (DN67C) to Sadu.

Can I drive my vehicle to Negovanu Lake?

Located within the Parcul Natural Cindrel, on the east end of the Mărginimea Sibiului area, this is a forest road that crosses the mountains and is not shown on regular maps. The road is worse than it looks in the photos, so attempting it in anything but a High-Clearance vehicle is a recipe for disaster. The road doesn't have any signposts, and it's very hard to keep the right track because there are many intersections out there. The road crosses some of the poorest villages of Romania.