Exploring Lake Sušičko: A Challenging Road in Montenegro's Durmitor National Park

Lake Sušičko, situated at an elevation of 1,163m (3,815ft) above the sea level, is a unique mountainous gem in the northwestern part of Montenegro. It stands out as the only periodic lake on Durmitor, as its waters vanish when the River Sušica dries up.

Sušičko jezero

The Road to the Ever-Changing Lake

Embarking from the quaint village of Nedajno, the journey to Sušičko Lake spans 6.5 km (4.03 miles). While the road is mostly paved, it does present some challenging unpaved sections. Navigating through a series of hairpin turns and treacherous drop-offs, this route is not for the faint-hearted. At certain narrow points along the way, the road barely accommodates one vehicle, making encounters with oncoming traffic a nail-biting experience. If your reversing skills aren't up to par, you might want to rethink this adventure. The summer months see an influx of visitors, making the narrow road even more bustling.

Nature's Canvas: The Sušica Valley

Nestled within the Durmitor National Park, this route offers travelers an unparalleled view of the Sušica Canyon. The panoramic sights are akin to postcards, with the lake's setting proving to be the perfect backdrop. Lake Sušičko, measuring between 350-450 m in length and up to 200 m in width, reaches depths of around 4-5 m. However, by late summer, the lake undergoes a remarkable transformation. Its waters recede, leaving behind a lush, green meadow.

For those brave enough to face the road's challenges, the breathtaking beauty of the Sušica Valley and Lake Sušičko await. Just remember: this drive isn't for everyone, and one wrong move can have severe consequences. Drive with caution and soak in the pristine beauty of Montenegro's natural landscapes.
Pic: Dragan Sremac