Conquer Stirovnik: A Road to Montenegro's Lovćen Range Summit

Set high in the Montenegro's Cetinje Municipality, Štirovnik stands tall as the Lovćen range's highest summit, soaring to 1,675 meters (5,495 feet) above sea level. The journey to its summit unfolds through the enchanting Dinaric Alps, offering stunning vistas at every turn.


The Road Less Traveled

Embark on a challenging odyssey as you navigate the 10.1-kilometer road leading to Štirovnik's peak. This path, with 6 kilometers of pavement followed by 4 kilometers of gravel, boasts sharp curves and switchbacks, making it an exhilarating but demanding drive. For less experienced drivers, opting for a taxi might be a prudent choice. The reward for your efforts is an ever-changing landscape that captivates the senses.

Remote Beauty Awaits

Journeying to Štirovnik sets you on a less-traveled route, away from the bustling crowds who venture to nearby Jezerski Vrh. This remote, serene environment awaits those willing to explore its pristine terrain. As you ascend towards the summit, the landscape unveils its splendid secrets.

Challenging Ascent

Winding your way from the picturesque P1 road, situated at an elevation of 943 meters above sea level, you'll face a steep 10.9-kilometer ascent. With an elevation gain of 732 meters and an average gradient of 6.71%, this road promises both excitement and inspiration. Whether you're driving or hiking, be prepared for Lovćen's unpredictable summer weather, which tends to be cooler compared to the coastal regions. The road's challenge is equally matched by the splendid views it unveils.

Montenegro's Hidden Gem

Nestled within Mount Lovćen National Park, in the country's southwestern region, Štirovnik road beckons to adventurers seeking a blend of nature, history, and culture. While it may not match the grandeur of Durmitor or Lake Skadar, Lovćen National Park offers an unparalleled blend of Montenegro's finest attributes. Its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and cultural significance create an unforgettable experience for all who make the journey.
Pic: Daan van Berkel