Experience the Thrills of P1: Montenegro's Scenic and Hairpinned Road from Cetinje to Kotor

P1 is a scary curvy road located at the southern part of Montenegro, running from Cetinje to Kotor. It’s one of the most famous hairpinned roads in the world.

Cetinje-Kotor Road

How long is the road from Cetinje to Kotor?

The road is totally paved. It’s 36.3 km (22.55 miles) long, running from the fields of Cetinje, at the base of the Lovcen mountain, in Cetinje, a treasure of Montenegrin cultural and historical heritage to one of Montenegro's most beautiful bays, Kotor, a city of traders and famous sailors, with many stories to tell. The Old City of Kotor, on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, is a well preserved urbanization typical of the middle Ages, built between the 12th and 14th century.

Is the road from Cetinje to Kotor scary?

The road is mostly a narrow one-lane road offering stunning views of Kotor from above through 30 hairpin turns. The road is in dreadful condition and requires strong nerves to negotiate it. Ideal time to travel is daylight. Not adviced night drive. This narrow switchback road can be treacherous. With inward leaning concrete barriers on one side and jagged rock on the other, multiple vehicles may have to reverse their way back up the road when meeting a bus or construction vehicle coming the other way. The most famous section of the road is called Kotor Serpentine: an 8.3km long stretch, pretty steep, with 16 hairpin turns. Along this section, the road starts at an elevation of 458m above the sea level, and ends at 881m. Over this distance, the elevation gain is 423 meters. The average percentage is 5,09%.

How long does it take to drive the road from Cetinje to Kotor?

Tucked away in the Lovcen National Park, plan 1.3 hours to complete the drive one way. The road is very curvy with a pleasant ascent and nearly no traffic. The views are spectacular and particular the morning light gives this landscape an indescribable touch. This road has been featured on Top Gear and high-end auto commercials. The road offers great views of Boka Bay.
Pic: Artur Nowak